Local Governing Body

The Ripley Academy Local Governing Body
Name Category Special Area of Responsibility Term Start Date Term Expiry Date
Mr Philip Harding (Chair) Community Personnel, Admissions, Complaints 01.05.2015 30.04.2019
Mr Anthony Blockley Community Safeguarding 27.09.2016 31.08.2020
Dr Steve Bradder (Vice-Chair)
Community Leadership and Management
01.05.2015 30.04.2019
Mrs Margaret Powis Community Teaching, Learning & Assessment 01.09.2017 31.08.2021
Mrs Margaret Whiteley Community Personnel 01.09.2018 31.08.2022
Ms Carole Hunt Community Pupil Premium 01.02.2018 31.01.2022
Mr Robin Allan
Community 01.02.2018 31.01.2022
Mrs Lisa Walton Headteacher
Mrs Mel Davies Staff Disadvantaged Pupils 20.11.2017 19.11.2021
Mr Scott Kingsland Staff Disadvantaged Pupils 21.01.2015 31.08.2019
Mr Scott Beighton Parent (RA) SEND 01.10.2017 30.09.2021
Mr Paul Linford Parent (JFCS) Outcomes & Curriculum
01.10.2017 30.09.2021
Matthew Thompson Parent (JFCS) Behaviour and Attendance
01.10.2017 30.09.2021
Mrs Julie Parkman Clerk to the Governors

Any queries for the Governors should be directed to

Julie Parkman, Clerk to the Governors

Email: parkmanj@jfcs.org.uk

or telephone 01773 746334

The Local Governing body at Ripley Academy are appointed either by the Parents (Parent Governors) or the Local Governing Body (Community Governors).


The Local Governing Body meet as a full body. All members of the Local Governing Body have full voting rights except for Associate Governors.