Local Governing Body

            The Ripley Academy Local Governing Body

NAME TYPE OF GOVERNOR Date of Start Date of Expiry
Joanne Moore Parent 10.11.2014 31.08.2018
Nicola Parsons Parent 10.11.2014 31.08.2018
Rob McDonough CEO    
Lisa Walton Headteacher    
Scott Kingsland Staff 21.01.2015 31.08.2019
Jo Barlow Staff 20.11.2014 31.08.2018
Anthony Blockley Community 01.09.2014 31.08.2020
Margaret Powis Community (Chair) 01.09.2014 31.08.2017
Peter Roberts Community 28.09.2015 31.08.2019
Chris Rowe Community 01.09.2014 31.08.2017
Margaret Whiteley Community 01.09.2014 31.08.2018
Alex Wood Community 01.09.2014 31.08.2018

LGB Meetings 2016-2017                                                          EMET Board Meetings 2016-2017

27th September 2016                                                                   19th September 2016

31st January 2017                                                                        12th December 2016

23rd May 2017                                                                              20th March 2017

                                                                   26th June 2017

Any queries for the Governors should be directed to

Collette Robson, Clerk to the Governors

Email: crobson@ripleyacademy.org

or the Chair of Governors

Email: chair@ripleyacademy.org

or telephone 01773 746334 Extn 114

The Local Governing body at Ripley Academy are appointed either by the Parents (Parent Governors) or the Local Governing Body (Community Governors).


The Local Governing Body meet as a full body. All members of the Local Governing Body have full voting rights except for Associate Governors. 


There is also currently a Standards Committee comprising of:

Mrs M Powis (Chair), Mr A Wood and Mrs L Walton, Mr S Kingsland, and Mr T Smith (Adviser from West Bridgford School).


The Register of Business Interests for all members of the Local Governing Body is updated and reviewed at the start of each academic year – see separate attachment.


Former Governors within the last 12 months:

Richard Johnson – term expired 31.08.16

Paul Rose – term expired 31.08.16

Mark Elliott – stepped down January 2016

Peter Gates – stepped down March 2016