Student Support

At The Ripley Academy we place a great emphasis on the development of the whole child and recognise that a child’s emotional well-being is equally as important as their academic progress. We have a dedicated Student Support team, led by Miss Jayne Scattergood, Vice Principal, who provide the pastoral care for students in Years 7-11. This dedicated team of staff support the holistic needs of your child including any attendance, medical and social concerns that your child may be experiencing. We aim to work in partnership at all times and therefore appreciate knowing of any difficulties your child may be experiencing as soon as possible.


The Student Support team consists of;

  • Miss Jayne Scattergood, Deputy Headteacher
  • Mrs Jayne Doherty, Attendance Officer
  • Mrs Heather Ford, Medical and Administration Support
  • Mrs Julie Bradder, Student Support Co-ordinator - Kinder
  • Mrs Lisa Morton, Student Support Co-ordinator - Monsal
  • Mrs Cherie Pitt, Student Support Co-ordinator - Dove
  • Mrs Zoe Wiltshire, Student Support Co-ordinator - Riber


Parents/carers play an equally important part in the success of their child and therefore we rely on your full engagement and commitment  to work in partnership over the course of your child’s education with us. There are numerous opportunities for parents/carers to get involved in your child’s education including;


  • Regular progress reports to monitor academic progress, attendance, behaviour and attitude
  • Parent consultation afternoons to meet teaching staff and discuss individual progress
  • Online homework system – Show My Homework, where parents/carers have an individual log in to monitor completion of homework
  • Charity and fundraising events throughout the school year
  • Our annual Celebrating Success evening where students are awarded for outstanding achievements,
  • Parent forum meetings where parents/carers meet with senior staff to discuss key areas of school improvement
  • Fortnightly school newsletter
  • Open evenings for new students