The Ripley Academy

GCSE Study Arrangements

Please find below arrangements for this summer's GCSE exams

Where to go:

1) Your first priority is your exams

2) If you are not in your exams then you attend one of the EXTRA guided revision sessions below (IF you are doing that subject). These sessions may not be in your usual room.

3) If that doesn’t apply to you then you go to your usual lesson. If you no longer have an exam in this subject, then you will be expected to revise in silence. So, please bring some revision materials.

These arrangements will last until you have sat your final exam.



The EXTRA GUIDED REVISION SESSIONS may not be your usual teaching group and so…

PLEASE CHECK: EVERY DAY in The Hive there will be a list of which EXTRA revision sessions are running with group lists and rooming.



BREAKFAST / REGISTRATION SESSIONS will take place in either A23, A24, A6, A7 or A4. Again, the roomings will be put up in The Hive the day beforehand.

If there are any problems or concerns then please speak to Mr de Rijk, Miss Scattergood, Mr Jones or your Head of House or Form Tutor.

Please see further information in the document attached below.