The Ripley Academy

Subject Topics Spring Term 2 Key Stage 3

Listed below is an outline of our Key Stage 3 curriculum content in subject areas for the half term from 6th January until 14th February 2020.

  Year 7 Year 8 Year 9
English Creative Writing Dickensian Literature Shakespeare (either Midsummer Night's Dream or Richard III)
Maths Functions and their graphs. Angles and constructing triangles Investigating symmetry, reflection, rotation, translation and enlargement of shapes. Converting units of measure. Area of 2D shapes. Volume and surface area of 3D shapes.
  • Practical skills
  • Acids and Alkalis Space
  • Digestion
  • Magnets
  • Light
  • Structure & Bonding
  • Electricity

One of:  

  • Food (Life Skills)
  • Textiles: day of The Dead Project
  • DT: Mechanism and Motion (Cams Practical)

One of:

  • DT:
  • Desk Tidy (Mini NEA project) / Microbit
  • Lighting Project (with graphic prints)
  • Food: Choice/Provenance/Foods from around the World

One of:

  • “Design in the style of…”
  • Tablet/Phone Holder Design
  • Nutrients/Family Meals
Computing Visual Programming and e-safety. Sound Production Computer Logic
French Different family lives   Holidays and global travel
Spanish Relationships: Family and friends Free time and leisure activities Young people taking action
  • Orienteering 
  • Hockey
  • Table Tennis
  • Orienteering
  • Hockey
  • Basketball
  • Table Tennis.
History Y7 - Life and work in a Medieval town. 'Herstory' - the Suffragettes 'The Troubles' in Northern Ireland
Geography Finishing development and Hazards Weather and tornadoes Climate change and ecosystems
RE Islam. Places of Worship Just War Medical Ethics
Music Instruments of the Orchestra Rock ‘n’ Roll Solo Artists
  • Responding
  • Developing
  • Creating
  • Performing
Chicken! By Mark Wheeller (Script) Devising
Art Fine / Drawing Skills (Architecture) Clay – Construction Techniques Art Fine/Drawing Skills
PSHE Relationships, friends and families Leaving home and extremism Leaving home – budgeting, planning and skills for independent living