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Since taking up the post as the Headteacher of The Ripley Academy in June 2017 with Mr de Rijk,  I have been especially impressed with the attitude and conduct of the students that I have met.  They are beautifully presented in their smart uniforms, I have seen them working hard in lessons and they have been unfailingly polite and welcoming.

I have also met many parents and carers who share my aim to ensure that the very best education possible is delivered at The Ripley Academy so that each and every student flourishes not only academically but also as well rounded, considerate and inspiring people who will shape our society in the future.

A strength of the school that I have seen lies in our very own school Sixth Form, The Sixth Form at The Ripley Academy, and I can see that the potential for our Sixth Form is exceptional. The Sixth Formers that I have met are certainly super role models for our younger students and I look forward to tapping into this invaluable gift as I begin my work here.  I certainly hope that our current students in Years 7 to 11 look to our Sixth Formers and find inspiration from their academic achievements and that they too will aspire to continue their studies at our very own school Sixth Form after Year 11.

Our teachers are committed to delivering high quality lessons for all and they are a vastly talented group of professionals who ensure that our school delivers the very best education for all in a caring, calm and purposeful environment.  This will naturally lead to a vast improvement in our examination results and I expect to see the fruits of this expertise in teaching and learning this summer.  Of course, we cannot do this on our own and we rely on the support of parents and carers; it’s only by working together will we truly become a beacon of excellence throughout the local area.  If we achieve this, it is clear that local and national employers, apprenticeship providers and universities will consider a student who has been educated at The Ripley Academy as a first class prospect. 

Mr de Rijk is the Head of School who will have overall responsibility for running our wonderful school and should you wish to meet either of us or have a tour of the school with us, please do contact the school’s reception or email Mrs Robson on

Let the journey begin!

Lisa Walton


The Ripley Academy

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The goal of all staff at The Ripley Academy is to provide the best possible education for all of our students. The next few years are certainly an exciting time at The Ripley Academy. With ever improving exam results both at GCSE and A-level, a new sports hall set to be completed by May 2018 and an ever-expanding Sixth Form at The Ripley Academy, our school provides an excellent education for students of all abilities in a caring and disciplined environment.

The Ripley Academy has high expectations both of its staff in terms of the quality of teaching, guidance and support and of our students in terms of their behaviour, attitude and in following the day to day routines we set for their benefit. As a school we are highly aspirational with a core set of traditional academic values, a firm but fair behaviour code and high standards in terms of pupil effort, punctuality and uniform. Our commitment to parents is that, whatever the ability of your child, we aim to fully realise your child's true potential and ensure they are successful in moving on to the next stage of their lives be it in finding employment, securing apprenticeships or going on to study at University.

Jan de Rijk

Head of School