The Ripley Academy

Dove House

House Captain - Olivia Phillips

My name is Olivia Phillips and I am in Year 11, I am Dove’s House Captain. I applied to be the House Captain of Dove, because I wanted to be involved in house activities and help with events that take place at school but most importantly, I wanted to help other students to be ambitious about their future and achieve the best of their potential. I would also like to help other students to have a positive approach to learning, at the same time as having the ability to approach me with any ideas or issues, which I will be willing to listen to and potentially make their ideas happen. My main role is to support younger students and the form tutors during form time. I enjoy pursuing the role, as I get to visit each form every morning and get an insight into the different forms, at the same time as having the reassurance that younger students could talk to me if they needed to.

My main hobby is dancing, as I have been doing it for 13 years and still love every part of it, however, I also enjoy running, as it prepares me for what I am required to do for my future career. My career aspiration is to become a nurse in the RAF, which I will apply for and hopefully begin my journey as soon as I complete my A levels.

Deputy House Captain – Sophia Humphreys

My name is Sophia Humphreys, and I am Dove’s Deputy House Captain. I applied to be House Captain as my attendance is very good and I am very ambitious about my studies and the future ahead of me. I am Deputy Head Girl as well as a prefect and I have been a Student Voice representative previously, therefore, I knew I could fulfil the role and responsibilities required.

My main hobby is sport, particularly cricket, as well as being in the gym regularly. I am enjoying being a student leader as when I go around forms in the mornings it’s good to see what all the Dove forms are doing, and seeing how they wear their uniform and Dove badges with pride. For the future, I am hoping to go to medical school as my ambition is to be a doctor, therefore I will continue to study A levels at our Sixth Form including Chemistry and Biology.