The Ripley Academy


The Drama department at Ripley Academy consists of Ms Lewis (KS3/4 and KS5). Drama is a strong department and results show at KS3/4 and 5 just how popular and successful the subject is amongst our students.

Drama is taught at KS3 once a week and the students learn a variety of Drama and life skills whilst studying subjects that are both pertinent and enjoyable for them to work on.  At KS4 students study specifically a play text and a themed based Unit and attend a live Theatre performance through which they are given the opportunity to really develop their evaluation skills.

At KS5 regular Theatre trips support the academic study of all Units and the students benefit hugely from a wide variety of historical and contemporary plays and performances.

The Performing Arts Studio provides an excellent space for all learning in lessons, performance evenings and exams and the Drama department continues to grow from strength to strength.

KS3 – Teaching and Learning

Throughout KS3 from year 7 – 8 – 9 the students study a variety of topics and respond, develop, shape and evaluate their ideas through individual, pair and group work. The main skill used within drama development is improvisation. There is some script work but in the main improvisation is the key explorative strategy.

Topics at KS3



The Elderly


Buying and selling

Creating a story/tragedy




Problems for parents

Teenage issues

Family issues

KS4 – Teaching and Learning (Edexcel) 

Units 1 – Responding to teacher chosen topic – e.g. Homelessness and a variety of stimulus in order to create a piece of performance. The students have to write up an account of the process of creating and performing – 2000 words approx. Overall mark 30%

Unit 2 – Responding to teacher chosen text – e.g. Two by Jim Cartwright and creating performance work and writing up a response to the process in line with the specification.

Unit 1 and 2 marks are split into 40% practical and 60% theory. Overall each Unit is worth 30%

All students must attend a Theatre performance in order to write a Theatre review as part of their GCSE coursework.

Unit 2 exam – Devised unit – Overall mark = 40%

Other topics studied within KS4 are:

Physical theatre

Elements of drama

The drama medium

Drama strategies


Kitchen sink drama

Underage pregnancy/drinking


Spontaneous improvisation

Family matters

Age concern

Social Class

KS5 - Teaching and Learning A Level Drama and Theatre Studies (Edexcel)

Unit 1 – Responding to Text. Students study two texts – through the performance style of Stanislavski and Bertolt Brecht and write ‘Exploration notes' in response to their study in performance.

Unit 2 – Performance Unit. Students study, learn and then perform a play that is selected by R.Lewis

Unit 3 – Devising Unit. Students are provided with a stimulus and have to create a performance for the public

Unit 4 – Examination Unit. Students sit a 2.5 hour exam on the play text ‘Woyzeck' by Georg Buchnar