The Ripley Academy

Monsal House

House Captain – Kacey Walker

"In my opinion Monsal is the best house because we have some of the most dedicated and supportive tutors and staff. We are welcomed every day by dedicated tutors who are positive, who praise our hard work and inspire us to be successful. The students of Monsal are also amazing. Every student strives for success and pushes themselves. As well as this we obviously have the best Head of House who is always there to help and support EVERY student. We work well as a team, we are competitive and we always want to be better than the best. I am looking forward to contributing to this..."

Deputy House Captain – Connor Garner Shaw

Why Monsal is the Best.

I am proud to be in Monsal, due to its core values. We value Positivity, Inspiration and Praise. With these qualities, we are able to involve everyone in Monsal’s development. Positivity allows the house to grow strong; at first reliant on the positivity of others, but now Monsal is one of the main sources of the school’s positivity. Studies show that a positive mind-set allows the owner to experience a heightened amount of calmness, peacefulness, and happiness. In turn, this makes Monsal one of the core developers and benefactors of these products. 

Another of Monsal’s values is Inspiration. All of Monsal’s students are inspired, and inspirational; but the effects of inspiration on the brain increases the creativity of a person, the confidence of a person and the ability to communicate. This allows Monsal students to develop core skills, simply by the values that are instilled within their house.

Monsal’s final core value, is praise. The effects of praise upon a student allows them to receive a positive outlook on learning and a higher level of self-confidence within their lifestyle in general. This is essential to the healthy development of a student, and is essentially fuelled by Monsal.

These qualities are all aspects of Monsal that make me, as a Deputy House Captain proud to be a part of Monsal above any of the other houses.