The Ripley Academy


KS3 -Biology
Kay's Anatomy: A Complete (and Completely Disgusting) Guide to the Human Body - Adam Kay

‘’The human body is extraordinary and fascinating and, well ... pretty weird.  Yours is weird, mine is weird, your maths teacher’s is even weirder. This book is going to tell you what’s actually going on in there, and answer the really important questions, like:
Are bogies safe to eat? Look, if your nose is going to all that effort of creating a snack, the least we can do is check out its nutritional value.’’

KS3 -Chemistry
Kids fight climate change - Martin Dorey ‘’Our planet is in trouble. It needs YOU. Together we can fight climate change by speaking up and changing what we eat, how we travel and the ways we use energy. Find out how you can become a #2minutesuperheroby completing 60 fun missions that reduce your carbon footprint at home, school and in your community.’’

KS3 -Physics
Unlocking the Universe – Stephen and Lucy Hawking ‘’Embark on the adventure of a lifetime in this beautiful collection of up-to-the-minute essays mind-blowing facts and out-of-this-world colour photographs, by the world's leading scientists including Professor Stephen Hawking himself.’’


Biology - The Debate about Flu Shots (article)
Chemistry - Breakthrough Battery Technology for Electric Cars (article)

Physics - Bezos Vs. Branson Space Race: Billionaire Ego Trip Or Dawn Of A New Era? (article)