The Ripley Academy

Sixth Form Student Council

The Leadership Committee is a group of students who represent the sixth-form community. The main objective of the team is to represent your fellow students in the Sixth form enabling a ‘voice’.  Each member will have an identified ‘role’ within the group (e.g. Leader, Events co-ordinator) and will subsequently develop key skills which employers seek.

  • It can organise social functions or fund-raising activities including the Prom.
  • It can discuss whole school problems/issues such as bullying and litter control.
  • It can influence communication in the Sixth Form via the School website, student bulletin / newspaper etc.

Who would be suitable?

Students who are:

  • Self-motivated, hardworking and committed.
  • Command the respect and support of those whom they represent
  • Good communicators and organisers of events

What are the benefits of the being a part of the Student Council?

  • Experience of how meetings run and decisions are made.
  • Provides evidence of responsibility
  • Experience of organising fundraising activities and events.