The Ripley Academy


We strive to ensure that all students realise their full potential and, as a caring school, we value each student as an individual. We aim to enable all students to make the most of their educational experiences within a supportive environment.

The pastoral team keeps in regular contact with parents and in most cases is the first point of contact for parents. Additional support is provided by a range of agencies and dedicated support staff in school. Systematic tracking of student progress allows us to identify and support any student in danger of underachieving.

Great emphasis is placed upon the personal and social development of students by preparing them to take a positive role in society. We have a varied programme led by our Personal, Social and Health Education Coordinator (Mr Lipton).

The school council and year councils enable all students to have a voice about their educational experiences, involve students in the school decision-making process and provide staff and governors with student feedback. We value all our students for who they are and for their contribution to the developing progress of our school.

Positive behaviour is encouraged through our reward system, which is designed to reinforce good work and appropriate behaviour in class and promote student involvement in the community of the School. The highlight of this is our Celebration of Success Evening in December each academic year.


Conduct Card

Following extensive input from Student Voice we have launched the ‘Conduct Card’ which links to our revised Code of Conduct (see Appendix 1 of the Behaviour Policy 2016). The revised Code of Conduct sets out high expectations of all students in relation to four areas; professionalism, resilience, respect and success. Students who fail to meet these expectations in and out of lessons will have their Conduct Card signed by a member of staff and if they accumulate six signatures in any of the four areas a one hour detention will be issued. For students who excel in these high expectations, staff will be able to sign their Conduct Card which will be rewarded with an Apache token via their form tutor. Our high expectations have been shared with students on the first day back so they are fully aware of the standards required.