The Ripley Academy

The House System

The Ripley Academy operates House system with students organised into four different houses. Every student in Years 7 – 11 wears a badge denoting the colour of their house on their blazer.  This helps to generate a sense of house identity within the school community.

The House System is designed to embody the values and ethos of the school and aims to be an integral part of our school community. In time it is our ambition that the House Leaders and the Student Voice will work together creating a stronger pupil voice to motivate students and further the community spirit of the school.

Our aim is to provide every pupil in each house with the following:

  • a sense of belonging within the school community
  • opportunities to develop social, intellectual, physical and practical skills
  • a sense of achievement both inside and outside of the classroom
  • fun and excitement through competition
  • opportunities for leadership
  • an awareness of individual and collective responsibility

The four houses are named after famous landmarks and geographical features within Derbyshire that surround the school; the houses are named Dove, Kinder, Monsal and Riber.

The Dove is the major river of the South Peak, rising on Axe Edge and flowing south to eventually meet the Trent near Burton.

Kinder Scout is a moorland plateau and National Nature Reserve in the Dark Peak of the Derbyshire Peak District in England.

Monsal Dale is a valley in the Peak District of Derbyshire in England.

Riber Castle is a 19th-century Grade II listed country house in the hamlet of Riber on a hill overlooking Matlock, Derbyshire.

Each of these landmarks are represented in the school crest as above.


Each House is comprised of 6 forms; 5 forms for students Years 7-11 and a 6th form with Year 12 and 13 students. Students in each form group are varied in age to facilitate mixing between year groups and creating a greater sense of community. The Heads of House are:

Head of Dove                     Mr Kingsland

Head of kinder                   Mrs Fidler

Head of Monsal                Mr Lipton

Head of Riber                     Mrs Alexander-Brown

Inter-House competition

Throughout the year, students compete in a series of event where they can win house points for a variety of activities. Some of the inter-house events that take place are; sports day, team competitions, spelling bee and quizzes to name a few. Students can also earn House points for excellent work, effort, attendance and contribution to the school community.

Leadership Opportunities

The House competition is about participation and working together with students from all year groups. It provides students with opportunities to be a leader either by being a prefect for students in Year 10 upwards, being elected as a Student Voice representative or even taking responsibility to help lead a specific activity or event.

Dove House    Kinder House    Monsal House    Riber House