The Ripley Academy operates its own school based system of rewards called APACHE.


The main aim of the rewards system is to catch the students doing the ‘right thing’ day in, day out to ensure that all students feel valued and to encourage others to aspire to this.


Students collect tokens daily/weekly and these are handed to Form Tutors for weekly draws made by the Directors of Learning in assemblies. Low value rewards eg free drink/food item from the canteen or a queue jump pass are given on a weekly basis.


Each term a KS3 & KS4 draw takes place and one student from each Key Stage can win vouchers up to £150 from the shop of their choice (parental approval is gained).



Students can collect tokens from all members of staff for the following criteria:


ATTENDANCE – 100% attendance in one week = 1 token from Form Tutor


PUNCTUALITY – 100% punctuality in one week = 1 token from Form Tutor


ACHIEVEMENT – Issued by a class teacher following data collection if student is ‘on target’


CONTRIBUTION – Awarded by any teacher for any contribution to the academy eg school performance, attending extra curricular club etc


HOME – Issued by class teacher following regular completion of homework. Can also be issued by Form Tutor or Director of Learning if parents/carers attend a school function eg Parents Evening


EFFORT – Class teacher awards a ‘merit’ stamp in lesson if code of conduct met. Form Tutor issues a token for every 15 ‘merit’ stamps