The Ripley Academy is committed to recognising, encouraging and celebrating the achievement and success of all its students in all areas of school life.

The Ripley Academy wants to create a culture of positivity between staff and students; that students are confident their personal effort, commitment and achievement will be acknowledged, rewarded and recorded.

Students will be rewarded for their positive attitude towards their learning in one of a number of ways ranging from:

  • Positive signatures on their reward card.
  • Attendance certificates.
  • Letters, postcards and phone calls home.
  • Acknowledgments during Praise assemblies.
  • Certificates or Trophies at the Celebration of Achievement evening.

Members of staff may sign a student’s reward card if they demonstrate one of six scholarly behaviours:

Attendance – 100% attendance for a week, often awarded by Form Tutor.

Punctuality – Arriving punctually to registration (provided they have 100% attendance), often awarded by Form Tutor.

Achievement – Achieving or exceeding their target level in an assessment.

Contribution – Making a positive contribution to the Academy’s learning environment.  This may include supporting at school events or representing the school in a sporting event.

Home – Parents/Carers attend Consultation Evening or for exceeding expectations with regard to homework.

Effort – For going above and beyond either in or out of lesson.


The signatures equate to

Number of Signatures Academy’s acknowledgement
50 1st Email home
100 2nd Email home
150 Bronze certificate
200 Silver certificate
250 Gold certificate
300+ Platinum certificate and first entry into start prize draw
Lucky dip prize for every subsequent 50 signatures and

another ticket for star prize draw