Dress Code

Dress Code in the Sixth Form

In the Sixth Form, you are not required to wear a uniform, but there are guidelines commonly called a ‘Dress Code’

The Dress Code here at The Ripley Academy, states that you should wear clothes which are appropriate for study and we call this ‘smart casual’.  The school is a working environment so this means that clothing should be smart.

The objectives of our Dress Code are;

  1. To prepare students for the world of work.
  2. To set high standards as role models.
  3. To ensure clothing does not cause offence.

Therefore, our Dress Code excludes the following clothing;

  • Clothing with political and/or offensive slogans/images.
  • Beachwear including swimming shorts and flip flops.
  • Shorts, skirts/dresses significantly above the knee.
  • Revealing, cropped or strappy tops.
  • Clothing that is excessively ripped.

There may be occasions when an item not listed above is also deemed inappropriate. In these circumstances a member of the Sixth Form team, SLT or reception will speak to you.  If you are in any doubt speak to your tutor or a member of the Sixth Form team for clarification.