The Refectory

Students can purchase a range of hot and cold food from one of two food outlets in the school, The Refectory and The Pod.

The Refectory is the school’s main outlet open before school for breakfast, break time and lunch time for main meals and made to order wraps and sandwiches. The Pod is open at break time and lunch time for snacks, pre-made sandwiches and pasta pots.

As a school we aim to equip our students to make good choices about food and diet. All of the food served in The Refectory & The Pod pass strict local authority guidance on nutrition and diet. Also, certain food items can be blocked from student accounts if you want to prevent your children buying certain foods.

Break Items Price
Hot Filled Cobs £1.50
Panini £1.80
Pizza £1.50
Hot Filled Baguette £1.90
Calzone £1.80
Garlic Bread with or without Cheese £1.50
Sausage Roll £0.50
Breakfast Wrap £1.75
Breakfast Muffin £1.65
French Bread Pizza £1.50
Waffle £1.00
Pizza Naan £1.50
Hot Dog £1.50
Potato Wedges £1.50
Deli Wrap/Cob £1.90
Drinks Price
Juice Burst £0.80
Flavoured water £0.80
Small Water £0.65
Main Dishes Price
Main Course £2.00
Main Deal £2.60
Potato Wedges/Chips £1.50
Pasta & Sauce £2.00
Pasta, Sauce & Cheese £2.10
Pasta & Cheese £1.50
Deli Cob/Wrap £1.90
Crisps £1.00
Cakes £0.90
Cold pasta pots £1.50
Jelly £0.75
Angel Delight £1.25
Fruit Pots From £1.25


Drinks Price
Juice Burst £0.80
Flavoured water £0.80
Small Water £0.65