Research has shown that reading is the key to students’ future academic achievement. Here at The Ripley Academy, one of our biggest priorities is to continually improve the reading fluency and comprehension of our students, to ensure that they become proficient readers.

Within lessons we expect our students to participate in reading aloud and improve their vocabulary, as there are always opportunities to read and develop their comprehension skills. We test the reading age of each student using a system called ARTi (Access Reading Test interactive), which allows our teachers to challenge and support all students by planning lessons based on the reading ability of students. A large part of our literacy strategy aims to provide as many reading opportunities as possible with our students having the opportunity to take part in ‘Buddy Reading’ with a sixth form student and spend their time within our newly refurbished library.

In this section of our website, we have provided information on how you can support the development of your child’s literacy and reading fluency.