Research has shown that reading is the key to students’ future academic achievement. Here at the Ripley Academy, we celebrate the joy of reading and strive to empower all students, including those who may initially find reading a challenge, to become ‘Remarkable Readers.’ We understand the transformative power of literacy and are committed to providing support to students who may require it, as well as promoting and encouraging a lifelong love of reading.

We firmly believe that reading across all subject areas is a skill that needs to be actively taught, which is why we teach our students to ‘read like… (a historian, a Mathematician, a Technologist etc.). Literacy skills are essential for success in all subject areas to ensure our students can apply reading strategies and to foster a deeper understanding of their course material.

We recognise that some students may face challenges in developing their reading skills, which is why we offer targeted intervention and personalised support, to help students build confidence and develop reading as a strength.

Beyond academic achievement, we believe in the importance of reading for pleasure and personal enrichment. Our school library is stocked with a wide variety of books, ranging from classic literature to contemporary fiction, graphic novels and audio books. We encourage students to explore their interests and discover new worlds through reading, whether during leisure time or as part of structured library lessons. We also offer access to an ‘eplatform’ service, where students have access to thousands of books and audio books online, to ensure they can become ‘Remarkable Readers’.

Mrs S Robinson-Kent | Assistant Headteacher